Connect yourself with Chiloé’s natureUnparalleled location


Our Hotel is located in a privileged environment situated between beautiful cliffs, and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, where you can enjoy a wonderful landscape with the tranquility that Chiloé Island offers to its visitors.

Through the large windows that surrounds the building, our Hotel will connect you to the entrance of Chacao Channel, Cochinos islet and Doña Sebastiana island. At the distance you will see the Calbuco and Osorno volcanoes, Lacuy Peninsula, Ahui and Corona point, where every night the lighthouse located there shines to guide the ships.

All of this, is accompanied by the recreational and natural areas that we have prepared for you. In addition, we recommend visiting the following areas during your stay in Ancud:

Eight places to visitAncud tourist attractions

The city of Ancud offers a variety of attractions for its visitors. Starting from our Hotel, you can visit the various places that the city offers.

That’s why we have selected 8 places that we recommend to visit. Each destination offers the most representative elements of Chiloe Island: beautiful landscapes overlooking to the ocean, flora, fauna and historical sites.

Arena Gruesa Beach

Located just a few steps from our Hotel. It has a beautiful view to the Pacific Ocean.

Fort San Antonio

Hispanic fortress used against the Chilean forces. It has beautiful gardens and canyons.

Fort Ahui

Hispanic fortress located 40 kms. from Ancud. It has a beautiful view to the Ocean.

The Church Route

Starting point for the Route of historical and patrimonial Churches of Chiloé.

Ancud Costanera

Just a few steps from Ancud Main Square. It stand out for its monuments and gardens.

Mar Brava Beach

Located 24 kms. from Ancud. Not suitable for swimming, it shows the fury of the Pacific.


Located 28 kms. from Ancud. It has a reserve of Humboldt and Magellanic penguins.


Located 32 kms. from Ancud. It's distinguished for its beautiful landscape.

Fort Balcacura

Hispanic fortress located 40 kms. from Ancud. It aided Fort Ahui during the battles.

Fort Chaicura

Hispanic fortress located 50 kms. from Ancud with overview to the bay.

Corona Lighthouse

Located 28 kms. from Ancud in Guapilacuy area. It guide the ships at night.

Basalt Stones

Solidified magma stones unique in Chile. It is located in Polocué area.