Our contingency plansCOVID-19 PROTOCOL


At Hotel Arena Gruesa, our goal is that you have a carefree vacation.

We have developed a strict Protocol in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, approved under safety standards suggested by Sernatur and the Chilean Ministry of Health.

We invite you to inform yourself and to respect every one of the measures shown below, in order to protect your health and of our collaborators. Together we achieve more.

We will check your temperature


Our staff will take non-invasive temperature controls to anyone who enters the Hotel, be a guest, client or service provider.

For example if your temperature registered exceeds the allowed range (38ºC or 100.4ºF), access will be denied and your will be referred to a medical center for evaluation. Prevention is important.

Likewise, we will have at your disposal a footbath in the entrance area destined to sanitize your footwear, for anyone who enters or leaves the Hotel.

Face mask use is mandatory

The use of masks in all common areas of the Hotel is absolutely mandatory, both for our guests and our staff.

Social distancing

You will found demarcations in reception and in our dining room. We urge you to comply the rules of social distancing.

Let's take care togetherProtective measures for everyone